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Movie Producers, Marine Experts, Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on oceanography & marine protection, Guy and Anita Chaumette are the globally renowned, multi award-winning Filmmaker pioneers behind Liquid Motion Film.

For over 20 years, Guy & Anita have lived on remote island archipelagos in the most far flung corners of the planet, diving, filming, making movies, and becoming one of the most successful husband and wife teams in the industry and unique, creative influences in underwater filmmaking today.

The couple both produce, direct, research, craft and edit their films, which take several years to produce. During this time, they work closely with Scientists and spend months, sometimes years on location, returning to the same underwater spot.

Liquid Motions’ internationally acclaimed films, such as ‘The Reef Series’ and the National Geographic exclusive ‘City Under the Sea’ and ‘Water Colours’ series have brought pioneering discoveries about fluorescence, colour and marine animal communication. Their films have garnered over 100 international awards, and received numerous prestigious honours and accolades for their contributions to television and on behalf of the sea.

In their spare time, the entrepreneurial couple directs underwater photo shoots, corporate, advertising and broadcast film assignments, are instrumental in marine conservation and environmental education, run a marine non-profit Foundation and operate a private Photo & Film Academy, from their Cozumel island base.





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liquid motion film anita guy people liquid motion film anita


liquid motion film anita guy people


liquid motion film anita guy people

"Truly world class filmmakers. Liquid Motion provided stunningly beautiful footage, lots of it, ensured the safety of my actors and captured the most beautiful choreographed cinematography and dramatic elements needed to fulfill the story of the film. I highly recommend Liquid Motion to any film production company..."
(Kat Green, Wonderfly Films, Hollywood, L.A.)

"Just like the first underwater films from Hans Hass and Cousteau,
Liquid Motion's films really are a milestone, their footage like the first pictures from Mars! Anita & Guy really really are "underwater critter whisperers"!
(O. Steffan Bayer, PhD.)





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