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LIQUID MOTION FILM is an internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Film Production company, leader in the field of Underwater Cinematography and Producer of choice for the worlds most prestigious TV broadcasters. With the highest honours in Cinematography, Photography, Directing, Editing and Marine Science, the company has been producing landmark films for private clients, global corporations, advertising, education and television for over 25 years.

Clients include ARTE, NRK, TVE, FOX & National Geographic Television, Scubapro Ltd, Gates Underwater Products, Fiji Islands Tourism Association, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science, Bonniercorp, Scuba Diving Magazine, and some of the worlds most esteemed TV channels.

Productions include the ‘Triple-Gold’ winning series ‘The Reef', landmark multi award-winning films 'Jawfish Nursery', 'Colour Talks' & 'Beyond The Blue', Best Camera, Best Photography, Best Director & Gold Award winner 'Talking With Fishes', and the internationally acclaimed, National Geographic exclusives ‘City Under the Sea’ and ‘Water Colours’, which brought pioneering discoveries about fluorescence, colour and marine animal communication.

Recognized for exhilarating entertainment extending all boundaries, Liquid Motion has been hailed as ‘one of the most unique, creative influences in underwater filmmaking today’. Spectacular cinematography and spellbinding storytelling have garnered them the highest accolades and numerous prestigious awards.

..."Concept films that are different from the usual….. Uniquely lovely footage - and clearly a huge experience of the environment and animals… - Doug Allen, BBC/Blue Planet

..."Nothing like this has ever been done before, or experienced since the time of Cousteau..."
- Les Nouvelles de Versailles, PARIS

..."Some of the most beautiful and unusual work we’ve seen…"
 - Gail Krueger, NOAA

Guy and Anita Chaumette are the globally renowned, multi award-winning Filmmaker pioneers behind Liquid Motion Film. Movie Producers, Marine Experts, Explorers, Environmentalists, Educators, Authors and Speakers on oceanography & marine protection, the couple both produce, direct, research, craft and edit their films, which take several years to produce. During this time, they work closely with Scientists and spend months, sometimes years on location, returning to the same underwater spot.

Their films have garnered over 100 international awards, and received numerous prestigious honours and accolades for their contributions to television, science and on behalf of the sea.