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Science & Research

For an accurate understanding of animal behaviour and to remain at the forefront of new science & research, Liquid Motion Film are supported by the worlds most esteemed Research Scientists.


...."I found the film crew to be very charismatic, energetic and keen, great to work with, in a...'Jacques Cousteau kind of way'.. Their work is fascinating and the issues they're addressing are relevant across the world"... (Dr Ross Jones, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science)


Liquid Motion Film - Science & Research

Liquid Motion Film - Science & Research

Liquid Motion Film - Science & Research

Liquid Motion Film - Science & Research

Liquid Motion Film - Science & Research


.."The Bermuda Biological Research Station was especially privileged to have Liquid Motion Film give a special Seminar on Scientific Photography - an excellent example of how image and video can be used to educate"... (Dr. James Wood, Research Scientist, Bermuda)


Liquid Motion Film - Scientists


Doctor of Philosophy, with a background in Neurobiology, Zoology, Marine Biology and Art, Prof. Justin Marshall is the worlds leading Marine Research Scientist in Visual Ecology: colour vision, visual behaviour, colour change, colour signals and more. With Research Grants, Professorial Fellowships and Awards from ARC, L’Oreal, NOAA and The ROYAL SOCIETY, Professor Marshall has written numerous Scientific publications, Articles for SCIENCE, NATURE, features for National Geographic, Co-Authored the revolutionary book ‘Sensory Processing in the Aquatic Environment’, been Advisor to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC and advisory Scientist for the BBCs DEEP Expedition in the BLUE PLANET Series.
Liquid Motion Film - Scientists


Author of several publications analyzing marine animals’ use of fluorescence. Dr. Mazel's research focuses on the optical properties - fluorescence and reflectance - of marine organisms. He develops equipment and instruments for observing and measuring these properties, and then applies the new tools in field research.
Liquid Motion Film - Scientists



MS (1991), PhD (1999) in biochemistry from Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Assistant Professor of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, 'Misha' Matz's research lab currently studies biofluorescence, evolution of diversity and complexity in GFP-like fluorescent proteins, and adaptation or reef corals to climate change.

Liquid Motion Film - Scientists


Professor of Sensory Neurobiology, Eco-Neurophysiologist, Research Scientist UWA Oceans Institute, world leader in comparative neurobiology, Premier's Fellow at the University of Western Australia, Prof Collin heads a large laboratory dedicated to neuroecology and behavior of a range of vertebrates. With prestigious fellowships in places such as Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the Marine Biology lab, Woods Hole, Germany, Montreal, Washington and UQ Australia, Prof. Collin is the author of over 150 international scientific publications on sensory systems (vision, electroreception, lateral line, olfaction, gustation and audition) of primarily aquatic vertebrates and two books.
Liquid Motion Film - Scientists


Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, Director UC Museum of Paleontology, University of California Berkeley,Fellow, California Academy of Sciences, Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Chancellor’s Professor, U.C. Berkeley. Research interests lie in invertebrate behavior and ecology, centering on the behavioral ecology of stomatopod crustaceans, focusing on how the evolution of potentially lethal weapons influenced stomatopod biology and expanding to include the evolution of mating systems, interspecific communication, sensory ecology, prey selection, the biomechanics of the strike and larval biology. Roy has written numerous papers, publications and press articles and has advised on several films for the BBC, National Geographic & Discovery.
Liquid Motion Film - Scientists
Dr. Samantha De Putron
Research Scientist,
Coral Ecology & Recruitement
Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
Liquid Motion Film - Scientists
Dr. Ross Jones
Adjunct Scientist,
Marine Environmental Program,

Liquid Motion Film - Scientists
Dr. James Wood
Research Scientist BIOS
Adjunct Professor DUKE
Cephbase Research Associate

Liquid Motion Film - Scientists
Dr. Uli Siebeck
PD Research Fellow, Neuroscience, The Vision Centre,
Sensory Neurobiology Group UQ,

Liquid Motion Film - Scientists
DR. Hank Trapido-Rosenthal
Assoc Research Scientist,
Centre Marine Microbial Ecology & Diversity,
University of Hawaii


I now understand why film festivals keep throwing prizes at you! You managed to coach we Scientists so well, we actually sound intelligible! - youre very talented Directors! I love your films and expect to be seeing fascinating projects and products from you for a very long time"... (Dr. Hank Trapido-Rosenthal, Center for Marine Microbial Ecology & Diversity, Hawaii)




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