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FISHEYE FANTASEA - "Passionate & poetically compelling… striking photography, and a completely new perspective..." - International Wildlife Film Festival Montana USA"

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Nominations & Awards

'Silver Medal' / 'Merit of Excellence' Award Winner - CTS Ocean Geographic, AUSTRALIA
'First Prize' / 'Best Film' Award Winner - Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival, CALIFORNIA
'Best Film' Award Winner - Internatinal Wildlife Film Festival Albert, FRANCE
'Best Film' Award Winner - United Nations Eastern Mediterranean Film Festival
'PLATINUM AWARD' Winner - Houston International Film Festival, USA
'Best Film' Award Winner - International Festival Underwater Film, Czech Republik
'Best Film' Award Winner - Le Festival Europeen, FRANCE
'BEST OF FESTIVAL' Award Winner - Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival, WASHINGTON DC
'Special Jury Award Winner- Belgrade Underwater Film Festival
'Special Jury Award' Winner - Cinesub Valencia, SPAIN
'Best Film' Award Winner - FIIS Oceanografico, SPAIN
'Premio Especial' Award Winner - Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino San Sebastian, SPAIN
'Best Film' Award Winner - Marmara International Film Festival, ISTANBUL
'Best Documentary Film' Award Winner - Agrofilm, Czech Republik
'Best Documentary Film' Award Winner - IDFF SLOVAKIA
'Special Award' - Detmond International Short Film Festival, GERMANY
'Best Film' Award Winner - Underwater Film Festival, Cyprus
'Best Film' Award nominee- The Nations Environmental Film Festival, WASHINGTON DC
'Finalist' & 'Best Film' Award nominee - Earth Vision, JAPAN
'Roscar Award' nominee - WILD TALK, South Africa
'Finalist' & 'Best Film' Award nominee - North Sea Film Festival, HOLLAND







Liquid Motion Film - Fisheye Fantasea


To understand a world not designed for human eyes, we need to see it from a different point of view.



Invisible colours, eye metamorphosis, secret wavelengths and vision beyond anything we can perceive; How they see, what they see and the astonishing discovery that in their world, we’re virtually blind….


For the first time ever, featuring brand new science, incredible images, and astonishing discoveries about the marine animals eyes, ‘Fisheye Fantasea’ is a dive deep into the fishes eyes and the groundbreaking revelation about what they really see. 



*BEST FILM* - Santa Barbara Film Festival, California
*BEST FILM* - International Wildlife Film Festival Albert, France
* BEST FILM* - United Nations EMU
*PLATINUM AWARD* - Houston International Film Festival, USA
*GRAND PRIX"- Antibes Underwater Film Festival, France
*BEST FILM* - Le Festival Europeen, FRANCE




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