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liquid motion film national geographic beyond the blue


liquid motion film national geographic beyond the blue


"A pioneering, visual extravaganza about marine animals use of fluorescence in communication.."


In a world ruled by colour, marine animals have adapted to the underwater blues, by changing colour themselves - and, by changing colour,… itself.

Revealing mind-blowing behaviour never seen or filmed before, astonishing images new to science and extraordinary phenomena, still far from understood,  ‘Beyond the Blue’ is a sensational world premiere, exploring the magic of underwater fluorescence and the inconceivable ability of marine animals to change one colour, into another.



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liquid motion film national geographic beyond the blue




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BEYOND THE BLUE - "Everyone including the BBC was absolutely blown away by this mindblowing film..." - B.S.U.P., U.K.


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'Best Film' Award Winner - Pelagos International film Festival, ITALY
'Best Film' Award Winner - Moscow International Film Festival, RUSSIA
'Best Film' Award Winner - British Underwater Image Festival, UK
'Special Jury Award' Winner - International Wildlife Film Festival, JAPAN
'Silver Medal' Award Winner - Chicago Underwater Film Festival USA
'Special Jury Award' - Belgrade Underwater Film Festival
'Best Film' Award Winner - United Nations East Mediterranean Film Festival
'Gold Remi Award' Winner - Worldfest International Film Festival HOUSTON
'Special Jury Award' Winner - Detmold Short Film Festival, GERMANY
'Palme de Bronze' Award Winner - Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine, FRANCE
'Best Film' Award nominee - Envirofilm SLOVAKIA
'Roscar Award' nominee - WILD TALK, South Africa
'Best Underwater Film' Award nominee - IWFF MONTANA
'Best Film' Award nominee- Tiburon International Film Festival, CALIFORNIA
'Best Film' Award nominee- Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival CALIFORNIA
Finalist & Award nominee - International Nature Film Festival, GERMANY
Finalist & Award nominee - American Conservation Film Festival, USA
Finalist & Award nominee - International Wilflide Film Festival, ESTONIA




Fluorescence is the absorption of one wavelength of light, or colour and the re-emission of another. Simply, a fluorescent object under white light reveals its true colour. But under near UV light, it absorbs the blue nd re-emit a fluorescent colour, transforming the blue into a brightly glowing, totally different colour...


New to science, barely witnessed, still far from understood - marine animals defy nature, by changing colour, ITSELF.




"The odds of you going in the water and finding something, seeing some animal fluorescing, that no-one else in the history of the universe has ever seen is probably over ninety percent! Anywhere in the world. Simply because so few people have done this"...

"Nothing like this has ever been seen, or done before"
Les Nouvelles de Versailles, Paris



liquid motion film national geographic beyond the blue